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We know that,  it is mandatory to backup android apps, messages and other personal data before you install a custom ROM on phone. It is because that custom ROM installation may wipe out your personal data including apps. So, creating backup lets you restore it after installation of custom ROM. In this article, we have shared how to backup Android apps without rooting your phone.

There are many ways to backup android apps. Some of the processess requires the phone to be rooted and few doesn’t requires it. In this article we have come up with an application called AirDroid which lets us backup Android apps without rooting. Reading on the article will let you know the way to do it.

Backup Android Apps Without Rooting Using AirDroid

Step 1: Install AirDroid app on your phone from Google Play Store.

Step 2: Connect your phone and a PC running Windows/Mac/Linux on the same Wi-Fi network.

Step 3: Now open AirDroid app on your phone and start the service. On the phone’s screen, you can find a web address and an ip address.

Step 4: Enter the ip address in the URL box of your computer’s browser and enter the shown password.

Backup android apps using airdroid

Step 5: Once your computer and phone connects with each other on the same Wi-Fi, the browser looks something like the below image. In this new interface, you can backup Android apps, files, contacts etc. To backup apps, click on Apps icon which opens up a new windows just as shown below.

Backup android apps windows


Step 6: The new windows displays list of apps installed on your Android device. Choose the apps you consider to be important and click on the Download button available at the top right to create a backup of them.

Once you click the download button, the AirDroid creates a backup of all chosen apps in a zip file. You can follow the same process while creating a backup of Messages, Call Logs, Contacts and other files.

How To Restore Android Apps From AirDroid Backup ?

If you wish to transfer your data from one Android phone to other Android phone, follow the above process to make a backup and to restore, follow the process below.

Step 1: Unzip the file into one of your computer folder. You can find them in .apk format.

Step 2: Transfer the unzipped files into your new phone through the AirDroid application.

After you complete both the above steps, you have to install .apk files manually on your phone. You need to follow the guide to know How to install .apk files on Android phone?