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Whatsapp is world’s mostly used messenger which has more than 500 million active users. We know, you are one of the Whatsapp user and so you are reading this article. We get into touch with every friend and family member, share joys and sorrows on whatsapp. If you use your phone to its full capacity, you may however come across a need to backup Whatsapp chat messages. Whatever the reason may be, you might be going to install a custom ROM on your phone, you might be going to update/reset the device. Any of these practices may erase entire phone data including apps.

Most of the Whatsapp users considers chat history to be a valuable memory. So, if you are one of such kind, you can backup Whatsapp chat messages safely by following the simple steps listed below.

Guide To Backup Whatsapp Chat Messages To SD Card

how to backup whatsapp chat messages

Whatsapp automatically backups every day at 4 AM and stores it in SD card. But if you want to create a backup of all chat messages after 4 AM as well, you need to follow the manual process of backuping.

Here goes the simple steps to do it:

  • Launch Whatsapp messenger
  • Tap Menu button
  • Select Settings
  • Select Chat Settings
  • Choose Backup Conversations¬†from the list of options available

That’s all! You have successfully created backup of Whatsapp chat messages. So you can restore them once you complete updating/installation/reset of your phone.

When you re-install Whatsapp on your phone, you will be prompted to restore backup available. So you can restore the backup available on phone’s SD card.

Thanks to Whatsapp developers for providing the backup option. If there is no such option in Whatsapp, we may lose our valuable chat history forever if anything goes wrong with the phone.

If you face any issue while creating a backup of Whatsapp chat messages, feel free to drop your words in the comments section. We will be glad to help you.