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Early last month, the Google Chrome beta released for Android with Full screen video and Undo tab close features under version 35.0.1916.34. Its almost more than a month later the stable build of Google chrome of version 35.0.1916.122 is available for Android. Now you can download Google chrome apk 35.0.1916.122 with all the new features included (Source available at the end of the article).

Just as the earlier beta version, the new stable version features the HTML 5 support. You can now view videos in full screen using Google chrome for Android. Further, few of the compatible android device users can make use of multi-window functionality. Interested with the new features? Why late? Go and get the new Google chrome 35.0.1916.122 for your Android mobile.

How To Download Google Chrome Apk 35.0.1916.122 ?

Download Google Chrome APK 35.0.1916.122

Before you get the new chrome for Android, lets check what’s interestingly new on this version?. According to Google Chrome’s Official blog the new features of Chrome 35 for Android includes:

  • Full Screen Video support
  • Subtitles and HTML5 controls
  • Undo Tab close feature
  • Multi-window support for compatible devices

It is also said that the new update will be available on Google play store. So, we can say that the new version is not provided as an update. And we can get the new chrome by manually accessing Google play store.

Get Google Chrome From Google Play Store

You can manually access the Google play store from the below link and update chrome on your device. According to Google play store, the new update also includes support to casting videos with chromecast and other bug fixes.

Get Google Chrome 35.0.1916.122

Manually Download Google Chrome APK 35.0.1916.122

If you wish to download and install the new update manually on your device, you can download the APK file from the below source.

Download Chrome APK

If you have already used the new version of chrome on Android, share your experience with the new features in the comments section below. We will be glad to hear from you.